Our consulting practice addresses the ‘soft side’ of developing cultures of improvement. We leverage from the application of tools, methods and techniques to build the interactional skills necessary for improvement cultures to sustain.


What is it?

A set of interventions that realises the objectives agreed with the client. We pull together the necessary skills to deliver the goals set without the need for pre-packaged approaches

How does it work?

We work through the four stages of our method – Understanding the Context, Using Analytics, Application, Delivering Results.

What are its benefits?

As well as business results we expect to see changes to the thinking and behaviour of affected stakeholder groups in line with agreed objectives. We also transfer capability into the client organisation.

How is it different?

We focus on creating improvement cultures. We understand what is necessary to achieve them and we set about this path with you.

What are its credentials?

Our work in Change Management is recognised as an example of excellent work in the field by the Association for Business Psychologists.

When should I use it?

When there is a need to build a culture of continuous improvement or operational excellence

“We’ve made great progress towards our goal of OpEx by focussing heavily on the people stuff. Talk is Action has been indispensable .” –  Director of Lean