Our coaching practice builds the coaching capability of whole organisations and also addresses the development needs of specific individuals. 

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What is it?

We coach individuals and we do it well but we specialise in building coaching capability across the enterprise. More than any other style of social interaction, coaching drives ownership, problem solving capability and engagement.

How does it work?

We mix workshops with individual coaching assignments and appropriate consulting to give you the outcome you want. Our proprietary SoundWave frameworks provides a relevant point of difference

What are its benefits?

Increased range and repertoire of interactional skills; greater engagement of team members; enhanced ‘ownership’ and accountability and a measurable impact on creating the right culture

How is it different?

SoundWave, which is central to our approach, looks at human interaction through the lens of ‘talk’. A socio-metric, SoundWave sits between the world of personality and the world of action helping people to understand their impact on others,

What are its credentials?

Our approach to coaching has been recognised by independent third parties as an example of excellent practice.

When should I use it?

When you feel frustrated by the lack of accountability around you; when you want to improve relationships; when you want and need a challenge.

“Talk is Action with SoundWave has opened a whole new world for me. I’ll never again take for granted  the way I talk. ‘Talk’ deserves our full and conscious attention” – HR Director