Talk is Action offers bespoke and public training programmes to suits its clients needs. Our primary public programme, ‘Developing the Language of Leadership’, helps leaders to learn to express themselves skilfully and authentically.


What is it?

The Language of Leadership training offering aims to build leaders who engage in a trustworthy fashion with others and communicate with skill.

How does it work?

It is structured around the early use of SoundWave analytical assessments, a three day workshop and application reviews over a 30, 60 and 90 day period

What are its benefits?

A hugely enhanced capacity for influencing and leading others through skilful and sensitive dialogue.

How is it different?

The language of leadership focusses on ‘talk’, on the primary mode of social engagement rather than personality as defined by trait theory. By focussing on the plasticity of language, it becomes possible to develop all aspects of the person.

What are its credentials?

The Language of Leadership programme is successfully used with a number of Corporate organisations.

When should I use it?

As part of an attempt to build a culture of improvement or as part of personal development.

“Powerful, actionable and discerning. I can now see how I create the culture that I work within. Talk is Action with SoundWave has really made me stop and think ” – Operations Director