Our Research

At SoundWave we focus our research on understanding what happens in the real world of social interactions. Our findings inform our practice. Enjoy reading the summary of our research and download more detailed information at the end of this page.

Coaching Capability

Culture and Continuous Improvement

The Language of Leadership


We research ‘effective coaching’ by studying the relationship between the results SoundWave profiles and the practices of ‘coaching professionals helping us to predict and develop good coaching capability

We research the relationship between the appropriate situational use of SoundWave voices and evolving phases of organisation development.

We research the extent to which leaders respond sensitively to changing social contexts by looking closely at the results of SoundWave360


Knowing which SoundWave voices contributes to excellence in coaching allows us to emphasise and streamline developmental investment.

To be able to develop organisations with an effective range of interactional behaviour to deliver culture change, operational excellence and benefits.

One leadership challenge is to find the sweet spot between offering consistent leadership and responsive leadership. Knowing where one stands on this continuum is a good starting point.


We have found that particular verbal strategies are positively correlated with excellence in coaching whilst others serve to diminish coaching ability.

We have found clear patterns in preferred dialogue between different phases of organisational growth and the style of social interaction necessary to sustain it.

Consistent or fixed? Flexible or reactive? Our findings offer useful insights into how leaders get the best from their people through making small changes to their style of interaction.